export as an .x file type

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hello,,,hope every one is doing well . ijust installed carrara again and I wanted to export as a .x file type but I get this message.....see pic.
and thanks I advance mac

1366 x 768 - 223K


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    Hi Mac :)

    which version of carrara,. and what OS ?

    I just checked in C8.1.1.12 and the latest beta,. ..both are exporting for me, on PC / Win7 / 64bit

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    you must install DirectX 9.

    The "d3dx9_39.dll“ file is a program library / part from DirectX 9.
    After the install works the export / import.


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    ok I hadn't thought of that,,,this is a new lap top,,,,it wont do much very well but it is a lot fun,,, thanks mac

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