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After "Save modifed assets" ,may I need to save duf as scene subset again?

kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,048
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

1 I made obj , and improt it daz stuido.

2 saved it as duf figure and prop .named it as "blendman.duf" , set product name, vendor name,, and it saved dsf in data too.

3 when export obj to ds,, ds often loose pivot point. anyway,, I use joint editor, to modify it.
so that load the prop by click blenderman.duf.

4 I have changed start point 0,0,0 already, then now I hope to modify end point. (it is just for test)

5 Now the end point is (0, 50, 0)

6 I translate end point to (0,80,0) (there is no meanig about 80, just do it)

7 of course I know, I need to "memorized selected node rigging" to freeze current posiotn. pic2

8 Ok,, I did it,, now the prop must change the end points positon of the node.pic3

9 yes,, I know,, I can use save modified assets. if I say I save it as figure and prop again,
you may say "why? You need not save it as figure and prop again, you can save modified assets"
do not you?

10 lets do "save modifeid assets" yes I believe my dsf change. It is OK. . then I click accept.

11 clear scene, and open new. then reflesh my content library.

12 try to load the prop again,, then how you do it? I believe I need to serch and click "blendman.duf"
when I saved the prop as "figure and prop." there is no way to load the modified prop.

13 So I load it,, but when I click prop by joint editor tool,, the end point do not keep my modification.
it return the end positon value which I saved prop at first time

OK I can use restore figure. it may called the end point positon saved as dsf in data.
but why it change my saved status?

14 these mistake often happen when I tweak something and "save modified assets".
I must saved modified assets, and change the dsf in data,,
But I need to load the dsf by saved duf (subset), and duf load the value when which saved .

15 so that,,after save modfied assets, I think I need to save the prop as new duf (subset) again,
to load corectly.

is it wrong? (I know there are several cases,, but when I tweak rig,, I think so)


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,600
    edited December 1969

    The memorised state of an item can be changed by a preset - and it's a Character Preset you are saving as a user-facing file when you save a prop or figure asset: that's why if you load one of the new base figures (Michael 5, Victoria 5 etc.) restore will restore to the base figure, not the zeroed Genesis. So if I follow you, I think what you are getting is formally correct.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,048
    edited December 1969

    now I think most of duf filse,, seems one of sbuset or preset,,,

    is there clear difference,, between ,, character duf , subset duf, or wealable etc?
    (I know what are saved,, and how to used,, but it is just one of subset?)

    I still can not clear understand,,
    character.duf can change morph default value temporaly? or actually changed default value of morph.dsf in data?

    (when I check these morphs parameter,, it have changed default value of morphs
    but I delete the figure,, and load genesis.duf,, it reset .)

    actually I did not like,, when I restore figure,, it restore character shape.
    and do not restore the genesis. because if we need restore character,,
    we can simply load and apply again, character,duf I think.

    not need change morph default value. (but It is only my opinion^^; I know other user seems like it)

    Iand when I check prop.duf (product or I made and saved as figure and prop) file type,
    they are "subset file"

    and when I check rigged clothing which can wear,,
    they are "wealable"

    so that, I thought, when I save genesis character as character preset,,
    they are "character" ( it bingo, Now check it in Content DB editor,,)

    you said,,
    "it’s a Character Preset you are saving as a user-facing file when you save a prop or figure asset:"

    so that means,,, if I saved genesis (applied some morph) as figure and prop,
    it saved character preset duf? not subset duf? ( as for me,, they are almost same ,, are not they?)

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,048
    edited December 1969

    now I may understand,,(maybe)

    when I make figure (rigged) as Actor, (not fit to genesis)
    and save as figure and prop,, ds save character duf and dsf.

    when I make prop (not rigged,, like above),
    and save as figure and prop, ds save subset duf and dsf.

    when I make figure (rigged) and save it (fit to genesis),
    as figure and prop, ds save wealable duf and dsf.

    (Or set file type as character, wearable, or subset)

    but I can change file type, after make duf,, as I want.
    (eg I can change subset to wealable about clothing)

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,600
    edited December 1969

    Yes, the file you explicitly save is just a way to load the item - the files that go in the Data folder are the item itself.

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