Valandar's Mystic Armory Render Thread

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Thought I'd start a thread specially dedicated to weapons with pretty light effects, in particular the handsome array of weapons crafted by Valandar, such as his SciFi Melee Wespons, Swords Fantastic and Tech Staves etc. Always had a weakness for anything giving off pretty lights which you can hold in your hand and carry with you. So how about sharing your thoughts on these weapons or any renders you have made with them?

Below are a couple renders I did using the items from the 'Swords Fantastic' and 'Melee Weapons' set. The one with the Beam Glaive in particular was one of of my very first renders using DAZ Studio. I was browsing for some items to purchase and when I came across the Beam Glaive I just had to have it. :-)

1280 x 960 - 533K
1280 x 960 - 851K
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    Another render I did, this time using the Psi-Staff from the 'Tech Staves' set and the giant runesword from the 'Swords Fantastic' set. No postwork. ;-)

    1280 x 960 - 568K
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