Now I get it_pt.8 CAMERAS and Key Preset poses

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I've come to learn some things about the cameras that might help others.
You've created the scene, you've zeroed in on some parts to double-check. Even turned the scene to focus in on certain items. Then comes the playback and everything goes wild....turning in all kinds of directions sometimes even flipping all around. I've had the camera rotate into a 360 before it landed on the next key pose.

I have come to learn when you set up your scene to animate have all your cameras ready and in place to go, unless you plan to do a pan or dolly or whatever during the render, but other wise DON'T move them. Instead you can use the PERSEPECTIVE cam, no matter where you set it, it will NOT move during playback and render. The Default Camera creates a new key frame every time you move it. What I mean by that, I will have set up the animation with the key frames but somewhere along the way I need to make an adjustment, there I switch to the Perspective cam and zoom in where I need so not to change the default ( in a given scene I have as many as 20 Defaults with given names as their function and what they're aimed at). Where ever you last set the Perspective cam you will get in playback. I've even learned to parent a cam inside the figures head AND eyes (the cam set at the bridge but parented to the right eye) so I can get the right position(s) so they look correct and not off into space. As you saw in my "Popeye And the Giant" video, that's when I learned the technique so the characters are looking at each other or where ever, by switching to their cam(s) I placed in the head or eyes. And by parenting the cam to the head or eye, you get those really good poses and you see the figure move his head and eyes in more realistic movements. And if it does go wild during the playback, check your timeline for the key frames that were set and just X them out to the position you had the camera. Again, the Perspective will NOT move if you use it during playback or render, where ever you set it that where it stays. Which is good, because I've gotten better angles with it than I had planned with the defaults.

Also, I have learned: I've collected several of the Preset Poses from the Store, and have learned some poses just don't go together, which is what causes the figure to spin around between the key frames. What I mean, again in the video, where I had Popeye laying in bed: originally I used a preset pose then to the standing looking out the window. But the two poses from different Products didn't work together. So I had to do it manually, for him to raise up and then stand. So therefore, you've got to manually create a pose of your own to serve as the in-between, and this is where the default cam set ups come into play. Render the animation up to that in-between pose, then come back render from that in-between to the next key frame. Making sure the default cam is in the exact same position for each part, then put them together in Movie Maker and you won't be able to tell.

Well, there's my two cents. Hope it helps someone else...I've been learning a lot lately. The Popeye video taught me a lot as I went along and I am learning more as I practice.

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