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I don't know if something is wrong or I'm not doing something right, but when I try to add an backdrop it works just fine in the beginning. I can see it while creating the scene. I can see it when I render the image but the problem comes when I save the render as an picture to my computer. When opening the picture there is no background. Only white blank space. What am I supposed to do to make the background be seen in the final picture?


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    What are you saving the image as (JPG, PNG). It sounds like you are saving a PNG which will give you a transparent background.

    Save instead as a JPG, and your background will appear in the final image.

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    Thanks buddy! That's it!

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    The background is there in your render, and always has been. The problem is that whenever you're loading the render to look at it, the program you're using treats the background as transparent. This is especially a problem with .png images.

    Try checking the help (or manual) for your viewing program, there should be a way of getting it to merge the background with the image. What you're seeing is only default behaviour, which you should be able to change.

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    The backgrounds do not show when using the Lux renderer either, that's another problem I assume.

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    Nothing to do with the renderer, it's the format the image is saved in that's causing the problem. If it's png or tiff then it'll have the "background exists but it's transparent" as described upthread. The png is most likely to have the problem when you view it. All other image formats, jpg, bmp etc don't save the background in the same way, it's all one flat image, so you'll always see the background when you view it.

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