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make skin shaders
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Here is an example of what you can do with changing skin tone in shaders. This is Rio by danae (—-rio-for-v4-2/78614/). The two renders are in identical lighting.

The render on the left is with the vendor mats. These mats are pz2 files and are probably optimized for Poser. They do not render too badly in DS, but the result is different from the Poser promo images.  The right HSS image uses some DSA Mats for this character created by SickleYield ( The DSA Mats use the HumanSurface shader and include Subsurface and Translucency color. My understanding is Translucency is really not for skin, but I have seen vendors using it.

This gives an idea what you can do just with shaders. You can probably go father than this in terms of changing the skin tone and get reasonable results.

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Like i said, it should matter if i"m going head screen shots, group photo, body model. I’m going to do it all, It’s not going to be one or the other

I just need ways to change the skin.

As Richard and I have suggested, you can start by trying to do this with changing the diffusion color. You will need to set up at least some primitive lighting and do some renders to judge whether the results are satisfactory. How the skin looks in the preview window is not a good guide to how it will look when rendered. You will need to render it.

Select a character with the skin applied. Go to the surface tab and expand all the surface areas. Use cntrl-click to select all the sections that start with “skin”.  You will need to make the same changes in all of them so the seams where the different skin sections join do not show with different skin tones. For properties like the diffusion color, you can do this by just cntrl-click selecting all the skin sections and changing the diffusion color in all of them at once.

Your skin will probably have white in the diffusion color. Start by adding small amount of pink, yellow, orange, blue colors so it is just a little off white color. Render your figure and see how it looks. See if you can achieve what you want this way.

If you want to try using SubSurface scattering, along with a diffusion color, to change the skin tone, you will have to use the HumanSurface or the UberSurface shader. These shaders are more complicated, although it is always possible your skin is already using one of these.  You can tell what shader it is using by selecting one of the skin regions on the expanded surface panel. At the top it will give you the name of the shader it is using. If it says, DAZ Default or something like that, that is the basic shader. If it says omHumanSurface or omUberSurface, that is a more complicated shader that includes subsurface scattering.

I would not recommend using ambient or specular adjustments to change skin tone, but some vendors use the ambient.

You pretty much nailed it. Sometimes I really like the skin I’m using for a character, but I absolutely dislike the skin tone. So that’s when I’ll 255 the Diffuse if it’s not already and reduce either the G and or B value to 224 or 192 if I feel like I need to. A little does definitely go a long way. smile

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