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(Consider closed) I modeled a skirt in Blender 2.66a and exported it as a Wavefront (obj) to a standard poser format in DS 4.5. The cr2 worked in that the item appeared in the Scene list, showed up in Surface window, the body handles are visible, but the skirt is not. Is there a setting or switch in DS that would make the imported obj visible?

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    One common cause of this is a scale mismatch — the skirt is there, but it's either too small to see or so big you don't realise it's way off in the distance and all around you. Try selecting it in the Scene tab and clicking on the Frame button in the View tab.

    Another possibility is that the materials settings aren't quite right. Looking at your screenshot, the skirt appears to have two materials, "BodyHandle" and "None". Is this how you set it up before you imported it into D|S?

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    If you want to load the item from a CR2, in Poser or in DS, then it must be made to Poser scale.

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    I am going to start over from scratch and see where I went astray

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