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I'm making my first forays into modeling clothes in Hexagon, and I've run into an interesting issue. I'm trying to use the method of adding thickness, then deleting all the inner faces, but when I try to apply thickness to my first totally from-scratch model... nothing happened. I've tested it with a cylinder (works fine) and another piece of clothing I made based on a starter template (also works fine) - in both those cases the thickness appears and I am able to edit the numbers, validate, etc. When I try it on the trousers I've been working on, Hex just highlights all the edges and vertices in blue. Changing the numbers on the thickness properties does nothing, and if I click on the lightning bolt, nothing happens. I can't seem to create thickness for this model.

Any idea what's going on? I'm guessing there's a problem with my mesh - and I don't really like how it's turned out, so I'll probably start over anyway - but I'd like to know what exactly is happening and what Hex is trying to tell me!


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    Interesting work process, not sure why it is not working for you though without actually seeing what is going on. If you were to use the offset tool in the lines menu instead ( it works with selected objects) , you should end up with just one new mesh and would not have to delete the inside.

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    Maybe select all the faces of the trousers first (Ctl+A) and run the merge coplanar facets tool on the utilities panel.

    Then see if thicken works.

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    I went on to start over, so I can't experiment on that particular mesh. But I think it did have something to do with several vertices being welded together in one spot, because I ran into a similar problem later when working on the crotch area of the trousers. When I carefully unpicked them (the legs had become joined at the top, essentially), the thickness started working again. So I guess that's a reminder to be careful not to join a bunch of vertices in an unlikely fashion!

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