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Have looked at tutorials. They are very good and got be started. I am trying to make a section of the Great wall of China. On thing was how do you precise make curves and straights in the canvas? Also what setting makes it perfectly straight up? I checked settings but could not figure it out. It always makes the sides slanted. I Used GIMP to do the test by drawing a wide line then one darker and narrower that it right down the middle. It sort of worked but the sides were slanted.

I got a good brick texture which looked good.



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    Use the Hardness control. (Before painting on the canvas, click on it, then drag one way or the other until it changes.)

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    @marinwestend - so you're using the Terrain Editor for that task. Good idea. However, it is tricky to get precise straight lines or bent lines with a particular radius. I recommend working with a graphics package, which may give you the desired result faster and easier.

    The important thing to remember is that what was drafted must be exported or saved as 16-bit greyscale TIFF. This picture can then be imported into the TE and further modified, if necessary. 8-bit pictures give terraces and are unusable in most cases. A 24 bit colour image is actually only an 8 bit (per colour).

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