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I just downloaded it at work and upgraded from 3. I have had lots of problems with the versions since then. I could not find stuff. The redraw as messed up, you can see my posts on that.

But to my surprise I have not had any of the problems I have had in the past. I have had GIMP Bryce and Daz open at the same time and as long as I do not try to much no problems. Yes if I render something to complicated Daz and or Bryce crashes. But I just have to remember that.

I just started using bryce and am finding it very interesting. I am good with GIMP and textures so that helps but I never made models except ones in Google sketch up.

I found that in GIMP with cloud brushes I can make some very interesting mountains by painting my own Terrain canvas and importing the image. Using gradient I can make a nice sloping hill. Anyway I am sure that in Bryce you can edit them but I am very good a GIMP and have not figured out how to edit as precise in Bryce. Guess this should be in Bryce but it is just a comment.

So thanks Daz for fixing it up!

I am illustrating a book from a story my daughter wrote when she was 7 and was having lots of trouble getting past the final parts.


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    Good to see you are having less problems now.

    The Bryce forum is full of very helpful users, and I'm sure they can advise you on textures and such. There are a load of excellent videos on YouTube by David Brinnen that may help too.

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    a grey scale map for a terrain can be imported into Bryce as a height map to generate a terrain, as long as you use 16 bit grey scale (tiff I think is the recommended format, but I have used jpg and got some reasonable results)

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