Why is the Smart Content so inconsistant?

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Nothing is where it should be. This is very annoying.
A few examples:

File - Figures - Riley, Aaron, Andrea, Basic Child, Basic Female, Basic Male, Genesis, Julie, Justin

File - People - Basic Female, Basic Male, Michael 5, Victoria 5

Products - Figures - Aaron, Andrea, Create Dragon Slayer, Create Fiery Genesis, Genesis Stater Essentials, Riley, Young Teens

Products - People - Create Dragon Slayer, Create Fiery Genesis,Genesis Stater Essentials, Michael 5, Victoria 5.

Products - Presets - Aiden, Benjamin, Create Fiery Genesis,Genesis Stater Essentials, Dark Priest POSES, Elven Dress, Elven Warrior,
Expressives, Forest Scout, Gabi, Gem, Genesis Head Morph Resources, Starter Essentials, Michael 5, Victoria 5,
STEPHANIE 5, more poses and characters etc.

Notice - the only place I can find Stephanie 5 is in presets. She should be in People and Figures. All humanoid characters should be here. Daz Horse 2 is not even under animals! When adding everything else that is mixed up it gets real hard to find what I want.


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    Quality Control, that's why. Since there is now a default or acceptable structure, it needs to be adhered to by every content creator. And DAZ does not seem to enforce their own standards. They need to fix that, or all the work put into Smart Content goes out the window.

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    Yeah it pretty much makes smart content worthless. I can almost understand inconsistencies with other creators but even the DAZ originals are not consistent. Michael, Victoria, and Stephanie should all be listed the same way.

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    Pretty much why I use custom categories instead of relying on Smart Content.

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    The more ds user use Smart Content, and send bug report , repuest strongly as you do
    DAZ may change, and try to find more better way . and use thier money and manpower to
    complete them.;-)

    About Smart Content structure,, it need more improvement too.
    How do you think Product view?

    it can not work well as I expect.

    when I select one product, and change category by left group,
    Product view expected to show the assets of the product.

    if there is no Assets in the product which much category,
    they just return empty. I hope so.

    but it reflesh all in product view. So I need to down hieralchy in Product view.

    Or if select pants category , many product icone which have assets categorized as shirt.
    it is good. but when I select the product,, it just extract all Assets of the product.
    not directly find the Assets.

    So I need to down hielalchy,, and serch the assets which I need,, yes,, it is shut ^^;
    I believe there must be way to improve .if daz programmer really need them.

    and As you know,, the categorize are mixed up by many generation,,and file type,,
    I still have many Preset items,,
    some skin are categorized under Preset,, some skin material preest are categorized under Material.

    it must cause difficulity to select items. Actually,, I often serch them,,.

    we need manualy re-categorize by ourself , is it smart? I do not think so.

    because Most of them are products which daz sold us.why need manulaly categorize by user ^^;

    (yes it is better there is option to user make originall category,, and we can do.
    but DAZ need to offer suitable and clean , incredible and reasonable meta-data about their product
    as default)

    But I feel there is some good improvement than before.

    1 is DIM, it can tell us when they up-date meta-data.
    2 is there is new defualt official categorization.

    but they seems offer new problems too ^^;

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    I agree with kitakoredaz. They've changed the way that Smart Content is organized, and during the transition there was a lot of inconsistency, and there still is some. I use DIM to keep my products up-to-date and I've noticed that some things aren't where they used to be, but overall my Smart Content has gotten much more consistent (and I haven't customized anything).

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    I've been seeing quite a few updates to metadata coming through DIM, but there are still a lot of products with old metadata which predates the standardization.

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    adamr001 said:
    Pretty much why I use custom categories instead of relying on Smart Content.

    Im growing accustomed to smart content but I do wish content creators were held to much stricter standards. One product i bought popped up very nicely in smart content. However, the associated textures were nowhere to be found so i had to hunt them down in the regular content manager!

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    I just manually edit the metadata to put them into their own categories. I've separated figures into male/female and children, within different folders for toons or reals. It doesn't really take long to do and it saves me a LOT of time looking for things.

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    How do I edit the metadata?

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    DarthD said:
    How do I edit the metadata?

    I created a basic tutorial on this a while back. Check it out if you're interested in either adding metadata for items which don't already have it or for editing existing items to new categories.
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    Thanks. Now I can do what DAZ should have done from the beginning:)

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