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I made this velvet rope set for use in a recent image and would now like to share it with all of you. The ropes and posts come with a few material options, including brass, silver, chrome, and gold, plus red or blue velvet (other colors are easily made in surfaces tab).

Also included are pose presets which will move additional posts the correct distance away from each other so that the ropes fit between them. The ropes have pose presets that determine if they swing left, right, forward or back to connect with other posts.

There is a preload set that is a post with a rope attached, but separate post and rope props are available to end your rows with. To add additional ropes, just be sure to have the post selected in your scene, then the rope will parent to the post automatically. Then, select the rope and either use the preset poses to rotate them around the post, or use your Y-Rotate parameter slider.

Have fun with this, and if you care to, share a render in this thread so I can see how you are using them.

PS: Metadata is included, so be sure to "Re-Import Metadata" after you add it to your content directory.

ShareCG link: Velvet Ropes by Slosh

540 x 750 - 181K
750 x 537 - 223K


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    Thank you for sharing the fruits of your talent! A very nice freebie indeed!

    Edit: The supplied poses are brilliant!

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    Oh, fantastic - I was looking for something like this recently and couldn't find it - next time I'll be ready! Thanks very much for this.

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    Thank you.


  • SloshSlosh Posts: 2,271
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    Lindsey said:
    Thank you for sharing the fruits of your talent! A very nice freebie indeed!

    Edit: The supplied poses are brilliant!

    The poses were made possible by help from adamr001. He provided me with the code necessary for the incremental moves. Thanks, Adam! Thanks also to Jaderail for offering to help and would have if Adam hadn't gotten to it first.

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    A nice addition and one of those very useful items for certain scenes.

    Thnx for the effort and your generosity.

  • LimneryLimnery Posts: 126
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    Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

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