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WIP thread New Users Contest - May 2013
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I'm really enjoying reading the thread- the links at the beginning and the explanations throughout will help folks long after the contest is over. Thought I'd share what I started with, and worked up to.

I have to say regarding spotlights- targeting exactly what you want takes practice, and hopefully folks remember to use dark colors too. (I thought of spotlights as light colored.)

Anyway, I posted the final render over in the contest thread, but here's what I worked up from. Point lights and spotlights and one distant light (all with different colors) brought it along. Thanks for all that you do, sharing information- you probably have many other lurkers!

Shown here is the scene before the additional lighting.
EDIT: In the final image, what took me the longest was getting the lit gleam in her eye. I wanted to draw attention to the eyes and that little spark of light took forever to manipulate without lighting other areas. A very teeny spotlight!
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I thought I would add mine into this
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Here is my Evil is as Evil does with some changes made. The texture changes to the candle - I wasnt exactly sure what AoA was (I assumed it was a product of the PA and if so I don't have it yet) so I went with Uber Surface then went into my settings that 4.5 Pro has and turned on Subsurface and changed some coloring from there to get the candle color I wanted to give it what I thought was a hint of realism.

I also went in and did some major tweaking around with Fallen & the Dagon skin textures. I did not have the Subsurface option available in any of his that I could find. I did not use Uber Surface because that changed the texture and Dagon is what puts those glowy runes on him (or in cases where light hits him - non-glowy runes) and I did not want to lose that feature of his from my scene. Unless I am missing some feature hidden in Studio 4.5, I do not have SSS because I have not upgraded to 4.6 yet. I actively use Reality 2.5.

Lights used: 4 self made point lights for the 2 candles & 2 spell effects in my scene as well as 1 self made spot light attached to a camera and placed behind the stain glass window to serve as a "moon" shining onto it. I swapped the Mood LIghts for Core Lighting 1, light 2, with the intensity knocked way down to serve as my scene's interior lighting. Hopefully I am not sacrificing any dramatic effect with the changes made. If anyone has any input on my piece, I would love to hear it. Thank you =)

Edited to finish a sentence cause ima dork & forgot to originally LOL
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Today is the last day for submissions so get your renders added to the Contest Thread

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Good luck everyone in the contest.

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