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To the best of my understanding, all the required files for the Horse2 are in their proper places, DAZStudio 4.5 has the path in the database. Yet, what gives????

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  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Is My DAZ 3D Library listed as one of your DS Content Folder paths or is it an Imported Folder added with the search for content folders option?

  • Ryuu@AMcCF[email protected] Posts: 287
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    Hi Jaderail,

    I kept the Studio install directory tree, but transfered it all to the E: drive as I detest systems that insist on imposing all your data and programs on the drive with your OS. So, yes&no; to your question. The My DAZ Library is part of the original directory-tree structure, just relocated to the E: drive. (I'm a computer systems technician, so you can see where I get such strong feelings about this)

    I'm able to see the Horse2 in Poser, but am unable to utilize a morph I picked up from Skiriki as it's a .duf file. When I read up on using DSON to convert Studio stuff for use in Poser, I read that the conversion has to start with Studio.

    So I tried opening the Horse2 in Studio, but I was getting the above results. At first, I thought the problem was with the mass DIM install of all my stuff and assumed the file Studio was looking for was corrupted or missing.

    I was about to try manually installing the horse2.dsf file from the zip archive. But when I drilled into my Library folders, I saw the file's already there. And when I opened them in word, it looked okay from what I can tell.

    It looks like Studio's got the correct pointer, the file it's supposed to use is there....so now, I'm going "WTF?"

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    Can you go to Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager, expand the "DAZ Studio Formats" and "Poser Formats" sections, and post a screenshot?

  • Ryuu@AMcCF[email protected] Posts: 287
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    Ah, I see some items that are still looking at the C:\, but it's also looking at the F:\--which explains why my SubDragon LE will load (it's also a .duf file) but the Horse2 won't.

    Thanks, Mike

    edit--> only after adding in paths for the E:\ drive (last 2 pics), it still won't load!

    Now, I'm seriously weirded out :-S

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  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 3,436
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    Don't put user data in Program Files or ProgramData. Remove either ...DAZ 3D/Studio3 or ...DAZ 3D/Studio3/Content , since Studio 3 it is probably the first not the later to remove.

  • Ryuu@AMcCF[email protected] Posts: 287
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    Thanks for the advice, Jestmart. Sorry, I can't post text between the pictures.

    The first 2 pics show what I had when I began to reply to Mike, the following 2 pics show what the status was after.

    I got rid of the links to Program Data on the C:\ drive once I saw them there--I HATE it when programs put stuff on the OS disk without our knowing!!.

    Studio 3 is a backup in case I have any more issues with Studio 4.5 (like I had with Studio 4.0)

    Poser7 is my backup for PoserPro2012

    The "User" & "Program Files" trees resides on a 2Terrabyte drive specifically set up for holding and running my programs.

    I ALWAYS keep a backup or a previous version, if possible, of my programs just for those occasional visits from Murphy ;-)

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    I see many errors here, they all can cause much to NOT work. I even stopped because I need more info about what each folder has in it. But here is some of what I see just from looking and not knowing what each path holds.
    Click the Image for FULL size. I am wishing to HELP not be a pain.

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  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 3,436
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    In theory the ProgramData folder should be safe to place content, in practice it can be flaky depending on UAC security level and whether the user is logged in and running a program as administrator. You know that F:/Program Files (x86) isn't the system one but don't assume the OS is smart enough to know, just don't do this. On a similar note don't add the word "runtime" to the folder name that contains a 'runtime', again it is one of my, "Computers are stupid, don't do anything to confuse them." rules.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Apon looking at this with eyes that have had some sleep. More is wrong than I thought. I agree with the above statement.

  • Ryuu@AMcCF[email protected] Posts: 287
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    Ah!! Finally got it!

    & I should've got it fixed when I was making my third post :red: I was on the right track, but I had picked "E:\Panthera draco\..." rather than "E:\Users\Panthera draco\..." Sorry about that. I really need to clean that shit up so this doesn't happen again

    It's working now. Thanks guys for all your help.

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