Nil Pointer error has occured when working in the Shader Room

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I was running Carrara last night and was change the top shader to ToonPro! on the shaders for Aiko 3 and an outfit. had no problemm but then I got a Nil pointer error. Not sure why iy happened or what the error is I had done about 20 test renders and had gotten everything positioned before I went and started to do my work on the shaders.

i was using C8 latest build, 32 bit version, on Windows 7. I wasn't using 8.5.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Was Carrara useable after the error, or did it lock up, go into zombie mode or just plain old crash?

    I use C7.2 Pro and have issues if I change things really fast in the shader room and switch in and out of it rapidly. I usually have Carrara go into zombie mode, where you can access the menu bar menus, but can't get them to do anything.

    I haven't had too many nil point errors, except when rendering very complex scenes with items that use transparency and refraction, especially if they intersect. Usually changing the camera angle slightly will get rid of the issue. I've never had it in the shading room.

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    it went into zombie mode.

    I was working in the shader room, went and did a test render, went back to shader room to continue my shader work and had the message show up when I was working on the rest of the shades.

    Shader wise I was changing the top shader pretty quickly. Was opening shaders, making the change, and closing out opened shaders after changing about 10 of them. So it looks like this may have been the cause of the problem. Will have to work at a slower pace in the future.

    I did consolidate shaders and remove unused ones before starting to work on the scene.

    Lighting wise I only had the default light in the scene as I was still setting things up. My render settings were for a PNG about 3 times the default

    The scene was very simple as I was just had Aiko 3, dressed, and posed and nothing else in it. I was planning to make a Toon PNG body and head portrait for use with RPG Maker.

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