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Need help on exactly how to import from FaceShop 7 Pro to DS4
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I have javascript enabled on IE9, not sure about on Firefox, but can’t see your email on either.

I’ve been trying to get things working with various DAZ figures.
When I tried Genesis, things worked fine.
On M3, V3, M4, and V4 I’m having severe problems.

I’ve included several images to show the issue with top and back of head caving in which happens about half the time.
I’ve also included one picture to show the mouth misaligned on an M3 face - though in this one the source image had the mouth open / smiling to being with which you warned could/would cause problems.  Still, I think the ‘misalignment’ of mouth may be a separate issue from the difficulties in texture caused by mouth being open, so wanted to include an example.

I also included the Genesis image (labeled JohnBoehnerYoung) which worked without any problems.
Of note, the same image that gave good results with Genesis gave the collapsed head with V4 (though the lips did line up ok on this one)

Not sure if you can tell what I’m doing wrong from these results (seems more character related than image related) or if you still want the source images to experiment with.  If so, let me know and I’ll PM a couple of them to you. 

Thanks for any suggestions.

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