Picture image texture not applying on a hexagon created OBJ

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I am a big fan of Hexagon and love the ease of use for modeling... I go there often for making my own OBJs for use in Bryce... I lately made a cornucopia by making a line helix and then thickened it... and Voilla! cornucopia which I took into Bryce for an image I'm working on.... I tried to apply an image texture to the cornucopia... but instead of the basket weave image texture, it was a simple base color... I had created another model in Hex and I had the same problem.... The procedural textures were applied with no problem... but the picture image textures don't.. Is there something I need to click in Hex to remedy this...or is it just the way it is?
The other time I encountered this I made a model with a cone and an extruded shape... I grouped them and exported them as OBJ and then in Bryce I applied a scale image texture and the extruded part accepted the scale image texture and the cone part did not it was again just a basic plain color...



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    You need to UV map your model before you can apply the texture. Either do it within Hexagon or export as an .obj and UV it in a separate program.

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    Thank you very much for this info... I was reluctant to believe it necessary to uv map the obj as some of my objs didn't seem to need it... However I did what you said and even applied a texture that I didn't want and took the model into Bryce and was able to then apply a picture/image texture just like you said.... Thank you very much
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    :-) We can.

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