Hair in Midnight Watchmen for Night Guard

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Does anyone know what hair is in the promos for Midnight Watchmen for Night Guard? I love the unkempt quality it has, which is perfect for medieval soldiers, etc. I was thinking it might be one of 3Dream's and Mairy's, but I can't figure it out.



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    Looks like one of the hair styles created by Studio Art Vartanian over at Renderosity.



  • vwranglervwrangler Posts: 2,907
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    If it is 3Dream/Mairy, I suppose it could be Eurydice hair. However, I think it's a lot more likely to be Desir Hair from RuntimeDNA or Spartacos Long Hair from Renderosity. (Pretty sure it's Spartacos, now that I look at it.)

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    Thanks, both of you for your quick reply. I've wishlisted SAV's Spartacos hair, it looks great. SAV's hair looks marvelous for what the renders I want to make, so thanks for pointing me in that artist's direction!

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