Kimberly Render Oddity

Jason GalterioJason Galterio Posts: 1,291
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Preface: I bought Kimberly for Genesis when she came out and today was the first time I really tried her out.

When I render her I noticed some odd "seams" along her arms and legs. See the attached simple render as an example.

The scene used here is a very simple one. Added Kimberly from the Characters > 3D Universe tab. Then added Kimberly's Hair and Bathing Suit.

Lights are one of the default Outdoor ones from Simply Lit.

Render itself was done through Studio.

I have tried different light set ups and the seams still show, so its not the lights. I checked the UV Mapping for Kim and its set to V4. I experimented by changing this around, but that only made the seams worse.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this?

500 x 650 - 64K


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,414
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    What is your Shading rate, in the Advanced tab of Render Settings? If it's 1 or more try lowering it to .5 or even .2

  • Jason GalterioJason Galterio Posts: 1,291
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    Okay I admit it, on my first reading of your reply I swore that couldn't be it.

    But I opened the file anyway and took a look. Sure enough some how the shading rate had been set to 5. No idea how or why, since I usually keep it at .2.

    Well, that explains how my renders were suddenly zooming along.

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