David 5 Shaping problems?

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DS Pro
Genesis > Characters > David 5.duf

I've recently installed D5 and began to look at the shaping dials. I do not seem to be getting the body type illustrated in the shaping morph. Here's a 1 min demo quickly walking through the shapes I get:


I've seen a few other pics of the D5, and think something is wrong on my end.


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    Load David, then immediately check your log file (Help>Troubleshooting>View log). There will probably be some warnings, unless you have every morph set, as there are likely to be correction morphs for morphs you don't have but look to see if there are unable to find messages for David morphs or for morphs you should have.

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    I'm looking at this page: http://www.daz3d.com/david-5 and do not find a list of required morphs, or links to additional products required for the product.

    After starting up the pc, I opened DAZ.
    Genesis.duf automatically loaded into the scene.
    I applied David 5.duf to the model, and get the following new text in the log file:

    Loading Startup Scene : E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/People/Genesis/Genesis.duf
    *** Scene Cleared ***
    File loaded in 0 min 4.9 sec.
    Loaded file: Genesis.duf
    WARNING: Attempting to unlock undo stack when already unlocked...
    WARNING: Attempting to lock undo stack when already locked...
    File loaded in 0 min 22.9 sec.
    Loaded file: David 5.duf
    Loaded Morph Deltas in 0 min 0.1 sec.
    Loaded file: FBMDavid5.dsf
    Loaded image David5LimbsM.jpg
    Loaded image David5FaceM.jpg
    Loaded image David5Eyes01M.jpg
    Loaded image David5TorsoM.jpg
    Loaded image David5MouthM.jpg
    Loaded image David5CorneaTr.jpg
    Loaded image David5LashTr.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5LimbsM.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/Textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5Limbs_NM.tif
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5LashTr.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5Eyes01M.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5LimbsS.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5LimbsB.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5CorneaTr.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5EyesB.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5MouthB.jpg
    Ran tdlmake on image E:/Path-To-Daz/Content/Runtime/textures/DAZ/Characters/Genesis/David5/David5MouthM.jpg

    I applied some of the shaping morphs that I believe are for D5, and the log file was updated with additional PNG loads such as (only a few are listed):
    Loaded image FBMFaerie.png
    Loaded image FBMHag.png
    Loaded image FBMHag.png
    Loaded image FBMBasicFemale.png
    Loaded image FBMBasicFemale.png
    Loaded image FBMStephanie3.png
    Loaded image FBMStephanie3.png
    Loaded image FBMVictoria3.png
    Loaded image FBMVictoria4.png
    Loaded image FBMVoluptuous.png
    Loaded image FBMVoluptuous.png
    Loaded image FBMAiko3.png
    Loaded image FBMAiko3.png
    Loaded image FBMAiko4.png
    Loaded image FBMAiko4.png
    Loaded image FBMTheGirl.png
    Loaded image FBMTheGirl.png
    Loaded file: FBMSA5Body05.dsf
    Loaded image FBMSA5Body04.png

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    From viewing your video, you're applying what appears to be Axel for M5 morphs to the David 5 shape, so his body won't look like the pictures in the Shaping tab icons. Some of Axel for M5 morphs are scaling morphs, btw.

    Axel for M5 morphs are meant to be applied to Michael 5 to get the shape shown in the Shaping tag icons.

    Edited: Actually I believe the morphs are Santos for M5. Regardless, those morphs are meant to be applied to Michael 5.

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    Well, that's embarrassing for me now, isn't it? Lindsey, you are right... those dials are for Michael 5 (Santo), not David 5.

    Thank you.

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    No problem! I actually was quite confused for a bit too when performing what was shown in your video. The sound was hypnotic... click... click... click... I was applying the morphs to the base Genesis shape and it wasn't looking like like the shaping preset icons and couldn't figure out why until I went into the product folder in the DAZ library and noticed it was Santos "for M5"... LOL

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    You know, I right-clicked onto the shapes with the hope of directly opening the product folder but no option to do so was available, so I eventually decided just to post here.

    This is a rare case where I purchased several figures and then simultaneously installed them.... usually I install and look to see what installed.

    In hindsight, now that I'm fully awake, I see that the poses are exactly the same as the M5 Ryuu poses that appear above it in panel.

    I'll leave the video there in spite of my embarrassing oversight, and I've updated the description with a link to this thread.

    Anyhow, thanks again. I appreciate the help.

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