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Help me identify these, please. :)
Posted: 22 April 2013 06:39 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi yas.  Back in 2007, Aikofan, a 3D artist, made me a few pictures of the main character of my stories, and he got her down pretty damned good.  Here’s one of the pictures I can post, without the censorship fussbudgets whining and crying.  This was an Aiko3 believe.

What hair was used?
Skin textures used?
Morphs used?
Clothing used?

Also, there’s a hair style I am looking to buy, it’s a set of pigtails, but the tails are sorta loose and there’s 2 front, loose bangs….I see it often but never knew the name of them.
Thanks for any hep. :D

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