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Welcome in the S.H.A.D.O. thread dedicated to the 70th TV show UFO.

The old original starting of this theme in old DAZ-site can be found here:  DAZ-old thread
The earliest start was in this thread at Renderosity like all began

Attention !  Hint !!  On the old forum archive the links to embedded images are broken. Thank you DAZ !  If you want to see that images you may play the manual wizard to display them by this following doings:
1. Find such a line in the text
<aa href=“postimages/origimage_1_2263158.jpg”>postimages/image_1_2263158.jpg</a>
2. copy this part
3. open a new browser window
4. and past the the copied portion behind the first part of the archive URL
5. so in total the link in the browser should read like this
It’s just easy ... especially for one image ... Maybe someone may solve this also later. Otherwise without the images the old forum archive might be more or less worthless ...

All links from the old site about UFO stuff will be found here in the heading message (plus the newly added stuff).
All Stuff is Poser-ready but should work also in D/S except that it might be neccessary to adjust the textures cause often poser procedurals are used. If not other named the stuff matches V4 and/or M4.

For stuff posted under UFO but not being UFO I will set up new threads e.g.:
- Avengers forever           open Avengers thread
- Solo for U.N.C.L.E.        open Uncles thread
- V - The Visitors             open Visitors thread
So then we have the things sorted correctly.

Cause it seems to be impossible to push images between text line (for the moment??) all images can be found at the end of the postings. And the sorting of the images is following the naming or other mysteries. So sorry for some mismatches.  Maybe this can be changed later (?).

So lets start the UFO stuff ===>>>

Buildings and Vehicles

S.H.A.D.O. moonbase control room environment
Introductory photo from TV set   control room
26.03.2010 Base preversion als pure dome   dome pure
10.05.2010 complete moonbase controlroom with tunnel and non-canon restroom, all including furniture etc.  moonbase complete

Paul Foster’s Falcon hit the road
06.02.2011 Based on SteveKitt’s mesh ... the FALCON car, all including material etc.  Falcon

Straker’s Hawk out of the garage
10.07.2011 Based on SteveKitt’s/Noxiart’s mesh ... the HAWK car, all including material etc. plus added Straker’s pistol as prop   Hawk

Clothings - female

Girls moonbase outfit for V4
Introductory photo from TV show  Lt. Ellis on moon
UFO uniform for V4-Bodysuit by Epithumia   UFO uniform for V4 Bodysuit

24.07.2010 moonbase and skydiver uniforms, all including material etc.  uniforms moon and skydiver
12.08.2010 headquarter uniform plus version 2 of other tops, all including material etc. for the new stuff   uniforms headquarter and addons

Girls party outfit from UFO-Series for V4
Introductory photo from the TV set  Linda’s dress  ,  partygirl
31.10.2010 Party outfits for the girls, all including material etc.  party and day-by-day outfits
Impractical garments for the girls, all including material etc.  Shado-Warrior outfits

Clothings -male
- further WIP

Morphs, Characters, Hair e.t.c.
Some basic Poser materials and Paris hair morph  Moonbase materials
and the needed Paris Hair by Lisbeth  V3 Paris Hair by Lisbeth

SteveKitt has done some fine face dialings and morphs for the S.H.A.D.O. operatives.  Find them here in his portfolio   Steve at shareCG

06.04.2011 Gaby Drake aka Lt. Ellis morph by GSayers2005   Ellis face morph
20.09.2011 Gaby Drake aka Lt. Ellis Off-Duty-Hair by GSayers2005   Ellis hair

Gaby Drake aka Lt. Ellis dialed  Ellis dialed on V4

Molly Rocket Launcher  Fire ....

other interesting links
Informations about UFO TV show  UFO series homepage
The new UFO movie homepage. It’s coming SOON ... LOL  UFO official movie site
3D models of UFO vehicles by Anthony Appleyard (mid of page)  UFO vehicules
or on this alternative site   UFO vehicules
Earth and Moon texture maps   Planet maps
Gerry Anderson UFO models   References
Not directly UFO but near theme Moonbase Alpha


Following images are showing content from moonbase package.

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Following images are showing content from Falcon and Hawk packages.

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Some images from the moonbase and skydiver female uniforms.

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Uniform stuff used for party with adjusted colorings.
And some images from headquarter and party outfits and the addons.

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Some images about face morphs and hair and weapon stuff.

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Some images about morphs and hair stuff.

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And my actual comment about new sites imaging possibilities .... it can only become better ... rolleyes

And so looking foreward for the coming ... tongue rolleye

Plus some impractical garments derived from the UFO stuff.


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Look forward to more SHADOs….  cool smile


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Well done Joe, I miss the crew of SHADO, tis nice to see them brought back. You, Steve and GSayers all bring smiles and returned memories.
Now to look for the series on the popular DVD mail rental service 8 )



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Have just seen a marvelous UFO animation in this thread from Carrara forum
UFO Carrara animation

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Please remember that in the absence of working content tags and filters we cannot allow any nudity or other restricted content at all in posts. It’s ok to post to a site that has flags and requires log in to see flagged content, and post a link, but not to post the image itself.


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Ok, I’m so sorry and I know your fulfilling a task in a desastrous environment ...
But truely I was in the opinion that rules are only valid in a fully functional environment able to cope with the rules but not in a unripe green nearing slowly beta-stage testable surrounding. At least that was the message I ever learned from one of americas biggest soft-/hardware companies. Delivering such a crap to my customers they would have fired me the same hour ... DAZ has to learn a lot of lessons about software quality in front of annoying customers with such a desaster AFTER announcing it half year before ...

From maritime law: No cash, no cure like also vice versa no cure, no cash !!

I change the image and DAZ should hurry up to get their sh…. working halfways well ... shut eye

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