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Feet and hand distortion when adding a non Genesis pose
Posted: 16 June 2012 04:08 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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HI spmwc smile

Have a look in your My Documents folder before you start adding another copy of Adams files.
If you’ve extracted the files,.. then they’ll be somewhere.

If you go into My Documents \ Daz3D \ Studio \ My Library \ Scripts, and see what’s there first, ..but it depends a little bit, on how you’ve unzipped the files from that zip archive.

You can Unzip or “extract” the files using Windows,.. just Right click on the Zip file, and choose “Extract files” from the pop up menu.
Then you can browse to a folder location,.. for example:
User \ My Documents \ Daz3D \ My Library
and then click ok.
That should extract the files in the Zip archive, and merge them with the “Scripts” folder which already exist in your “My Library” folder.


You can Extract the files to a “Safe” location,. for example : your desktop.
This will create a folder, with some folders inside it EG:(Scripts) and the files will be inside there.
From there,. You can either select them all and copy them. then browse to your My Documents \ Daz3d \Studio\My library \ Scripts
and “paste” them in there.  ... or just drag them there, using the Windows explorer.

Hope that makes sense smile

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