Dependency Error - v4 morphs++ on a Mac with Studio 4.5

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I downloaded Studio 64bit 4.5 for Mac and installed it OK.
V4 is visible under Content library - Poser Formats - Studio 3 - Figures - DAZ people.
Today I purchased v4 morphs but I cannot seem to get the installation folder correct - I keep getting 'Dependency error The required file has not been found'
I've searched the forum but can't make head or tail of the solutions.
Any help greatly appreciated.


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    You need to install morphs++ to the same content folder as V4 -- that is, the folder containing the Runtime folder. The exact file it needs is ":runtime:libraries:!DAZ:DzCreateExPFiles.command"

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    Thanks for your suggestion Mike. I cannot see runtime:libraries:!DAZ:DzCreateExPFiles.command

    I searched for dzcreateexp and can see DzCreateExpFiles.exe and DzCreateExpFiles-v4.bat in the !Daz folder

    Not sure what to try next?

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    Was V4 installed directly on this Mac, or was your runtime moved over from a Windows machine? I had the filename wrong, there should be a "-V4" in it, but as you have .exe and .bat files rather than .app and .command, it looks like it was installed on Windows and copied over.

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    I'm pretty sure I installed Studio 4.5 using the Mac installer. Maybe I have mixed up the files somehow? I've been playing with Virtual Box and did an install of Studio 3 but that shouldn't be visible.

    I'll try reinstalling again. Thanks Mike.

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    Not DS4.5, but the V4 Base.

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