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Carrara Veloute Shader - keeps asking me for Reg Code over and over again

Rhian-SkybladeRhian-Skyblade Posts: 203
edited April 2013 in Carrara Discussion

I bought a while ago the Veloute Shader Function Plugin a while ago... it worked always nice after installation and registering.
Now all of a sudden, each time when I use some of my shader that use veloute I receive the request to type in the registration code :-/

I tried installing it again, but nada :-/ each time I start Carrara again and use one of those particular shader I have to type in the code again.
Yep, as admin under Win7 in Carrara 8 Pro. I do not have the problem with any of the Digital Carver Guild Plugins.

Has anyone experienced this, too? Is there a way to get some peace in the box?

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  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,493
    edited December 1969

    Most of the plugin developers seem pretty quick to help. have you contacted them?

  • Rhian-SkybladeRhian-Skyblade Posts: 203
    edited December 1969

    Yep, I have. Dunno when they are going to answer (it's weekend ^^)

    Just wondering if someone else had this, too and maybe a solution at hand.

  • GarstorGarstor Posts: 1,411
    edited December 1969

    Rhiana said:
    Yep, I have. Dunno when they are going to answer (it's weekend ^^)

    Just wondering if someone else had this, too and maybe a solution at hand.

    I found Inagoni to be quite responsive. This is a common problem with some plugins that were created before new security functions in Windows were added. Make sure that you have the very latest version of the plugin files and the issue will go away.

    Pre-emptive snark from EP: "Windows is secure?"

  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
    edited April 2013

    Make sure you have the newer version from Inagoni installed. You can download the newest version at

    The version in the DAZ installer isn't current and the problem you are having was fixed in latter builds of the plugin.

    Make sure you right click and chose to run Carrara as an Admin, even though you are one when you launch it and go to enter your registration key after you have the newest version in.

    See also the FAQ on plugins I did and am working on as this issue is covered in it, since it comes up often on the forums I mentioned this in the FAQ.

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  • Rhian-SkybladeRhian-Skyblade Posts: 203
    edited December 1969

    Thank you Jay_NOLA. Got the latest version, now, and test it tomorrow after work.

    I was under the impression that there would be update messages. That's why I feared that something was wrong with my system or Carrara itself (wouldn't be the first time something on my comp went corrupt)

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