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I looked through the tutorial list and there are some excellent ones.

I have found a few character modeling tutorials but for other products. I found one for Hex at Poly but the files are no longer alive. Does anyone know of a character creation tutorial for the whole things available for Hex?



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    There is this one here by CGDreams (tez), but it is not free, and covers head modelling in Hex. Just type Hexagon into the search box

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    I found the one that was on polyloop originally, not free so wouldn't mind one that is hex for a full figure.

    Just so its in the forums;

    Original post but videos missing:!
    Authors page: for the hex modeling of a character in french

    apparently you have to just subscribe and get access to all he does a lot of zbrush stuff but not a bad price for just the Nierd

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    Its a shame that all he does is in French now. Used to love his tutorials and from a look at his site he seems to be doing the kind of thing that is actually interesting. Not just monsters or dinosaurs.

    The cost seems to be for all videos. Nice if you can understand French.

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    Hi Guys.

    Hexagon shares allot of tools, and methods in common with many other 3D modelling applications, so its possible to follow pretty any training if you try to look at the method behind the tools, and not just at the tools themselves.

    Character creation falls into use of many different mediums, concept art, concept sculpts, Game for low poly, or high poly characters, Cinematic. There is realistic humanoids, cartoon, creatures, and even although all of them share most of the same methods to create them, you still need to be targeting its end result usage. The reason why you don't normally find a Tutorial on modelling the whole character is there is actually a huge process to it, that goes beyond just modelling it.

    Anatomy is one thing which is a huge subject, and so important for more realistic humanoids. Just the Human head is a subject in itself, its so expressive, can produce so many expressions, so must be made to suit what your aiming the character to say for your animation, if anything at all. Because all character come with different clothing, there is a new flow of topology involved, while retaining good loops for deformation.

    All the best.

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