WEIRD new Rendering issue

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I have a 32 second long rendering! I have half of it on my Power mac G5 and half on my G-4! I render in 2 second intervals and its going on a week now! ALmost done BUT on 3 of the renders save as Quicktime mov The last SECOND is empty. a BLACK frame

Carrara 8 pro mac 10.5.8 and 10.4.11


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    The last second is blank, or the last frame is blank?

  • ds-mail_2e0cb9c256ds-mail_2e0cb9c256 Posts: 70
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    Does a still render of the one frame or a frame in the blacked out timeframe render OK?

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    Well heres what I know! I usually copy and paste all these segments into a new WINDOW in QUICKTIME pro. and I am good BUT if there's an issue I will put them in Final cut pro . there I do not see the blank/black frame

    so in FPC the offending segments I see that in the 3 segments out of 60 frame segments the last frame is BLACK.

    THEN when I rerender the offending sections and try to over lap them-piece them-together, it looks like there's 1 or 2 missing frames as the camera jumps

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