DIM / Product Library question on DSON/LEGACY/What to install

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Don't get me wrong I like the concept of DIM and hope they fill it out with direct linking to images (that it caches) of the products. That it also goes beyond just showing the install but what we purchased. So you can click on the product and see everything that is included when you purchase item X.

*** EDIT ** I pulled out my blabbering and pulled it to the meat of the post.. I may post the other below.
Also can someone point me to a post in a thread that explains: I can delete or have this post go into oblivion as my search skills today don't seem to be working well.

Which product installer to be using.

DS content is pretty straight forward though you have DS3, 4 and now 4.5 Though the difference is if I have all the ds I get 2 additional downloads over just having DS4, 4.5 I take out DS 4 and leave just 4.5 I get a difference of about 30.

I mostly use Carrara 99.99% and only am thinking of having the DS in case I wanted to take something into hex and back for some reason.

That leaves the other types of files.

DSON - that is a poser (not Carrara using Poser content?) However looking at Daz Horse 2 it has in one file tags of DS4.5 and DSON so I assume they are bundled its a genesis thing and will work in 8.5. Do I install anything with DSON thats just DSON listed or things that are DS4.5 and DSON or ????

Legacy - Older DazStudio 4 according to looking up Chelsea Hair for example. For Carrara if there was a DS4.5 then I wouldn't touch legacy and wouldn't have anything to do with Carrara. If there isn't a 4.5 then the legacy would probably work for DazStudio 4.5 Pro but not Carrara and then I would look to see if there is a Poser version in the list to work with Carrara

Some products are being updated and still confusing example Epic Wings for Genesis when I bought it was just Epic Wings (It had 2 files a trx and a Metadata DS, the trx was 18.8megs and the DS metadata was 5.9 megs) now has changed to be called Epic wings Genesis with one filed called Epic Wings for Genesis which when mouse hover shows for DS 4.5 and DSON in one file. There is another file with is Legacy with mouse over shows DS 4 and then a PoserCF file that lists DSON and is only 153k.

Do you find doing the separation of directories really relevant for Daz3d Content at least. My worry and why I hand placed was so that I could actually find products and what actually worked with what other items. If I wanted a building or a dress for A3 I knew where it was and all the mats that went ot that dress or building were in a logical easily findable place.

pardon the length of this post and its rambling nature as I am not as clear in thought as I used to be.

I am thinking that for now I will move my library over (or link over the network to a share of it) and start the process of installing content as I use it, once I figure out what I am supposed to install.

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