Exporting as fbx gets ugly bad skinning in maya, how can I get good weights?

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Using genesis Michael 5, when exporting as fbx to maya, I get horrible weighting. The deforming is so ugly, especially clothing, they become all wierd and distorted when animating. I read this might be due to daz having a different weighting system. So then whats the point of having an fbx export feature if the weighting is so horrible and messed up?

I really hope I'm just doing something wrong so I can render in maya and not be stuck in daz. I gave up on daz a while ago because of this, but now I decided to see if this is a problem, or normal- because I really like genesis 5 and it would save a ton of time for me.
I tried different options, smoothing etc.





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    Must I be restricted to daz only to get good deformations without reskinning ?

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    Well hopefully someone with more experience in exporting to Maya will weigh in here, but in the meantime... I believe the problem is that they use different weighting systems. Thus, one would have to rework the weighting some to match the other program. Here's a quote from an earlier archive post:

    DAZ Engineering Team

    Posted:Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:06 am

    For its 2012 version, Autodesk added to Maya the Dual Quaternion method for skinning. Dual Quaternion is SO much better than the classic linear blend(Generic Weight Mapping). It avoids pinching and joint collapse, alleviating the need for roll bones.

    Well, TriAx is even better than Dual Quaternion in terms of quality, by a very significant amount.

    The FBX exporter has to convert the TriAx weight maps to a much lower quality classic linear blend. The conversion is reasonable, but you will never get the beautiful joints of Genesis in any other program until that program supports TriAx.

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    There was this one here


    But it seems that the project has been abandoned.
    Is there any chance at all that someone at DAZ could write a plugin that allows to import TriAX into Maya?

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