.204 Beta is MIA for me

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I am unable to find the latest beta .204 in my product downloads folder. I still see the .174 beta. Am I missing something (is DAZ still updating accounts) or should I be looking elsewhere for the download? I no longer see the option to "Reset" downloads. Anybody else with this issue?



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    You no longer need to reset downloads.

    In the Product library clicking on an item in your history (on the right hand side once you are in the product library) will give you the download links.

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    It will be in Carrara 8.5 BETA downloads. It isn't in the Carrara 8 Pro downloads.

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    This all i get. I can view an order only by number. Clicking on view order takes me to the order and price but no links.

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    My Dashboard

    Account Dashboard
    Account Information
    Product Library
    My Orders
    My Wishlist
    My Serial Numbers
    My Subscriptions
    Address Book

    top line of your account dashboard. Click on Product Library. You have the option to sort by name or purchase date. clicking again on the option will reverse the order in which they appear.

    Typing a name in the top field next to the word filter will give all items relating to the search word once you click on filter

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    Thanks, I was confused by this:

    1. If you get a Duplicate ID error, please reset your download for the content and try reinstalling. If the issue persists please place it in the Content Project of the bug tracker (http://bugs.daz3d.com) as we believe we have fixed all of those.

    So, I guess the issue for me is that I don't have a Carrara 8.5 BETA downloads (Yet) in my product library. I have 8.1 pro so I am assuming I should have access to this beta. I'll keep checking.


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    got it , thanx very much

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