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Geppetto DS4
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Artemia Salina - 07 September 2012 05:41 PM

Hey all,

While my situation hasn’t changed here, I have found a little time to play with Geppetto again (I’m experimenting with using DzControllers to non-destructively add small amounts of randomness to parameter’s values to give figures more natural motions and to simulate handheld cameras, earthquakes, etc..) I have nothing to release now and probably won’t in the foreseeable future, but I thought I’d post here about the problems that prevent Geppetto from working in DS4.X.

Geppetto is designed to work at the parameter level. It allows you to load individual parameters to be edited. Internally, the way Geppetto does this is to listen for the selectionStateChanged() signal in each parameter in the currently selected node. Each time the user selects a different node Geppetto gathers up all of the node’s parameters and connects to their selectionStateChanged() signal. The user must then click on the parameter’s name in the Parameters tab, causing that parameter to be selected and thus triggering it’s selectionStateChanged() signal. And this is reciprocal; once a parameter has been loaded into Geppetto it can be selected from Geppetto’s list or the parameters tab, which causes it to be highlighted both in Geppetto and in the parameters tab, and this gives a quick indication that you are working on the desired parameter.

The trouble with this scheme in DS4.x (the last time I checked) is that it’s version of a Parameters tab no longer allows users to “select” parameters, so there is no way for a user to tell Geppetto to load a given parameter.

Unless DS4.5 has gone back to the old behaviour of DS3 regarding being able to select parameters then Geppetto won’t work as is. The only way around this problem is to write a new parameter tab that does change the selection state of parameters (if indeed parameters still have a selection state at all!), or to mimic the Material Selection tab in Geppetto for node parameters. I rarely use the Material Selection tab that I wrote because it is so tedious to use. Unfortunately I suspect that the same will be true of a parameters tab that works the same way, but that may be the only workaround.

Anyway, if my situation changes here I may get back into developing Geppetto (only for DS3), but at this point I just don’t have the time.



Unfortunately I have not much time right now too since I am working on my thesis. I will try to experiment a bit however. Do not worry smile


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The project is dead?
Judging by the post date it’s a long time…

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