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I'm wondering how to send a character, with textures to Zbrush from DAZ Studio 4.5. When I click "Send to Zbrush, my character shows up in Zbrush fine, but it has no texture maps, uvs, etc... also, body, eyes, and lashes are all one object (although hair and clothes are separate subtools)... I want them ALL to be subtools. Can anyone enlighten me on extra steps I'm missing?


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    Genesis is a single-mesh figure, so it doesn't break down into sub-tools. If you want to preserve groups and split it down into sub tools you will have to export as OBJ and import that into ZBrush, instead of using GoZ. Texturing is going to be a case of loading the maps, then seelcting the material zones that use a map and, with a sufficiently high level of division, applying the map to set the polygon colours (remember that ZBrush doesn't actually apply textures as such). The UVs should come across with GoZ, though I haven't double-checked that.

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    Actually, the UVs seem to have come through with GoZ and I've discovered that you can use the "auto groups with UV" function in Zbrush to separate everything... now it's just a matter of breaking all the pieces up and organizing them into subtools.

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    Best way is to seperate the obj file in UVmapper(Free)and make 3 maps..Head and body,Toenail and Fingernails,Eyes and Teeth(Make sure you go into each map in Mapper and move the meshes so you dont paint over each and you can add the Maps to the product so PS's can make Maps)...Then save obj with new texture maps then import the obj into Zbrush and then you will have 3 maps and Zbrush can handle it with no problem...Once you are done morphing and Painting make sure you flip the texture maps before export from Zbrush into DS...

    Hope this helps...It was trial and error on alot of my DS meshes and Zbrush...Little fox's tutorial on the subject saved me...

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