How to download products I purchased?

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After being away for a while, I tried to get back to this and got to my account to download products I purchased back in February.
First of all the layout of the pages are changed, secondly, maybe I am missing something, or everything.... I cannot find the download button of the stuffs/ I got to My Orders page and was only able to view the items, the easy-to-use click-and-download buttons are gone!

Then I went to Product Library, yes they are listing the items by Name, but I can only view page 1 of it, clicking and other pages or the Purchase Date button does not do anything for me. So I can only view and download my purchases of items beginning with the letter A for One single page?

I missed the old school of downloading, but, well.... anybody please me wht should I do to download my items purchased 2 months ago?



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    Try with a different browser, or download using the Install Manager.

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    Is the Install Manager inside the Daz Studio 4? I am rendering at the moment, will check later, but I have a bad feeling about it, because nothing regarding the content library works since day 2, I wonder...

    So where can I find this button for the Install Manager?

    I tried closing and logging in again with other browsers, do not work. Downloading used to be so easy, why changed it?

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    Download install Manager here:

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    Some people have found that clearing their Browser cache will sort things out for them. It is only a tiny minority of people who are experiencing this glitch.

    If you still cannot clear the log jam do please file a support ticket to Tech support and they will get back in touch with you to try sort this out.

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    Also, make sure you do not have Javascript disabled; as the list on the Product Library page is generated by Javascript.

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    Thanks. I installed the Install Manager, and downloaded.

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