walk cycle pre-poses?

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I need to find out, when I use the Aniblock walk, can I set a pose for the arms ONLY so they are in the same position for each frame? There's got to be an easier way than going frame by frame and repositioning the arms where it was in the previous frame.
Also, my 32bit crashes every time I try to do an animation render, but it's turning out okay as I am really getting better at the lip sync when I manually do it myself. In Flash I get the set number of frames I need for a spoken line, then use the same audio track (on a separate layer) in Daz and animate the mouth to as close to in sync as I can get it.


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    So, the only other thing I can do about the arm poses in a walk cycle, it's tedious but it works. Take the walk cycle aniblock and puppeteer each and every frame, saved. Then on the first frame pose I set up the formula for how the arms should be, then use that same formula for EACH subsequent frame pose. It's really tiring, but that's animation!! If I try to set up the arms in the aniblock playback it goes back to default position, so this is only other way I find that can work. So the body moves as it should but the arms are in position the way I want them, as well as the head and eyes.

    In case you're wondering...THIS is the current animation I am working on...


    of course, I have gone back and changed a couple of things, but I am pushing forward to finish the COMPLETE cartoon in 3D!!!
    And as I progress, I learn something new and more working in Daz.

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