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I'm doing a stand alone figure in DS4.5 at the moment, and I'm trying to convert it over in the DSON format is that possible or does it only work for Genesis ?

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    If the Figure is Poser compatible you do not need to convert it. You have extensions off so I can not tell from your screen shots.

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    I actually wanted to get the poses over, and thought DSON would be the easiest way but. But I see I can just export as a cr2 file and grab the poses from that some times simple is best. Thanks !

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    Generally speaking many of the save presets are for Tri-Ax rigged figures, so if your figure isn't Tri-Ax then saving it in 4.5 native format is a waste of time, as it needs to be in Poser format.

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    General weight mapping, if that's what you are using, is more restrictive than TriAx or the Poser system - both of those use a different map for each axis, so for example you can distribute the twist along the length of the forearm while confining the bend to the elbow. Unless you are wanting your figure to be compatible with other applications which suffer the same limits then it makes more sense to use TriAx, which DS will export to CR2.

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    I'm scratching my head on this one it must be in the TriAx format the poser version of the figure has the weight maps same as the DS version all working perfectly, which is good for both Poser and DS people as they have separate figures. I still can't understand why DSON poses are not exporting. That's why I exported all the poses from DS as cr2 files then just save the poses from those cr2 files as pz2 and they work because all the bones names are the same in both version. Who knows just a long way of doing it but it works. Thanks guys

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