DS4 acting bizarre.

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I'm using DS4 ( and I had some bizarre happenings with it. First, had some problems where renders were totally screwed up. In a spot render everything looked fine, but in a full render everything was moved to 0 translation and genesis was zero posed. I had to inject a zero pose into genesis and manually re-pose to correct that weirdness.
Then DS4 refused to see genesis in smart content. That required a re-install to fix. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any clues as to why they happened?


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    ... everything around here has been very bizarre lately ...

    But no, sorry, no help to your question but I couldn't resist ;-)

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    Lol, no problem. I did a viewport spot render of a hero flying over a cityscape and everything looked as it should, but when I did a full size render all the buildings and genesis were zeroed. To say the least I was a little freaked out. When DS4 suddenly refused to admit that smartcontent for Genesis existed I was really confused. Having no clue how to fix it otherwise I re-installed Ds4 and things mostly work as expected. I'm contemplating installing DS4.5 RC but unsure what plug-ins I'll be losing. Just moving to 4 has cost me LDP2 and Finder. :(

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    That almost sounds like a timeline issue. Are you rendering to movie? Image sequence?

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    Nope, just a single still render.

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    Check and see if the timeline shows multiple frames.

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