uv map did not translate to Daz Studio

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I created a sphere, created a new material, added the texture map of the earth. Everything went fine and looked good. I saved it, exported it, and sent it to Daz Studio. But the only thing that went over was the sphere, no texture map, nothing, just a big gray blob. So, what did I do wrong. I exported it as a Wavelength obj. so it only showed up as a light source of some kind. As you can see I'm new at this.

Thanks for all of your help



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    When you export a mapped and textured .obj from Hex, it will save a .png file in the same location as the .obj.

    In Studio, with the .obj selected in the scene tab, open the surfaces tab-> diffuse, navigate to that location and load the .png.

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    When I'm finished with my object, putting texture on it. I click on export as obj. then save. Once that is done I delete the object in the screen, load the OBJ and then send it to Daz It's what works for me.

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