Duplicate Figures?

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I have a figure posed on a horse (also posed) with a weapon and armor (all posed). I would like to duplicate this 'set' a few times, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. I've tried selecting in the view port and using the standard CTRL+C and CTRL+V, I've tried selecting all nodes in the Scene tree and doing the same. I've also tried the copy/paste functions in the Edit menu. But I cannot seem to duplicate the set of objects. What's the best way to do this?


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    I find that the best way is to export the model in the pose you want as an object file. (remember to export with maps)
    Then import as many times as required. Remember though once it's an object file, you can't change the pose.

    You can save a scene then merge again and again, but I find its allot for my pc to handle. So its easier to import objects as it's less work on the memory.

    That's what I did with my battle scene, I managed to get 42 characters in scene before my pc started to struggle.

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    There is also the instancing tool "Create>New Note Instances..."
    Select it; choose your figures; and select the number of instances you want. You can't change the pose or textures; but you can position/scale/rotate them independently of the original figures.

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    That sounds much easier then what I said, think I will try that myself.

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    Instancing is definitely what you want if you want an identical copy that will change when you change the original copy. If you want a slightly different variation but want to temporarily duplicate your items to use as a starting point, in addition to exporting them you can also just use File > Save As > Scene Subset to save them as a scene subset that can be merged with the same or a new scene (rather than replacing the currently loaded scene.)

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    Thank you Sean!

    Scene Subset was definitely the way to go for me. I wanted to duplicate my character and be able to pose them differently for another render. Saving my character as a Scene Subset to the default folder allowed me to access another copy of my character and be able to pose them in less than a minute. Definitely the way to go to save time.

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