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What happened to the morph mixer/shape tool?
Posted: 13 June 2012 01:26 AM   [ Ignore ]
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In this video:

Daz is demoing a feature where the morph icons are in a square configuration and you move a box over the icons to blend between the morphs that the box is touching. What happened to this feature? I can’t find it in the current version of Daz; did they do away with it? I sure hope not; it seems like a very useful tool.

The feature is demoed in this vid too:

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The Shape Pane isn’t in the newer builds of DS. It had some limitations, and it’s main advantage (accessing morphs that were hidden by the slider limit in the Parameters pane) is no longer a problem.


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yeah this is very useful feature the mixer/shape tool. i like id for expressions.
a morph slider without visual gives too little information


Very Happy that i save $$$ for products that have no manual and invest this in the great lux modo :p