Getting V4 and M4 Characters Working on Genesis

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Hi guys,

I'm hoping this is a quick question but usually when I think that things get all complicated so as of now I'm hiding under my desk with a stash of Doritos and chocolate, ok?

So... What morphs or other items would I need to buy in order to get all the V4/M4 characters I've previously bought to work with Genesis? And how would I get that done?

Thanks in advance, this was only a short post because I'm in a rush to hide under the desk before anyone answers! ;)


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    Hi Barry :)

    As far as I know, you would need both the V4/M4 body shapes for genesis, plus the Generation X thing, to transfer all possible morphs (including custom character morphs, from V4/M4 into Genesis.

    Genesis default, can use the UV and textures from V4, and (I think) M4.. and can Auto-fit most of the clothing from those figures pretty well,

    but it seems like a lot of work for something you have already,.. using V4 / M4, and the character that was made for them.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Yep. 3DAGE is right. You will need these and a plug-in called Genesis Generation X to load Gen 4 morphs and convert them into shapes for these figures. Simply put, you drag M4 or V4 into Gen X, then drag the morph(s) for the character you want to convert (if the morphs rely on, say, Morphs++, you may need to load these separately as some injections do not load them themselves). You can drag non-character morphs too, such as Creature Creator morphs and Morphs++.

    As I have a very good collection of Genesis body morphs (such as Genesis Evolution, V5, M5, Muscularity, etc.) I don't find the Gen X body conversions as useful as I did, as I find I can better build my own body shapes using these Genesis native morphs, but it is very handy for faces as these are a lot harder to do, and many of the custom Gen 4 head morphs can do things that can't be done by dialling in on Genesis directly yourself. If you don't have many of these Genesis add-ons though, or if the morph you are transferring is out of the ordinary, you may still find the body morph transfers worthwhile.

    When it comes to simply textures, though, you can load these on to Genesis without needing to have any add ons. You simply go into surfaces and change the UV settings en masse to V4 or M4 (or even The Kids).

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    Interesting point 3Dage made about already having V4/M4, but what I don't have is that wonderful supersuit for V4/M4, and yet what I also don't have is a lot of face shapes for Genesis. Thought it might be a good idea to get something like this as a bridge until I get more Genesis faces. Bodies don't matter to me as much, I can dial a few myself fairly easily, and to be honest I think the face is more of a focal point of a render.

    Gen X isn't cheap, but it might be useful for bringing some of those faces through even if I ignore the bodies.

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