Another Weight painting Question

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I imported a Genesis mesh into C8.1 .... no problems
i made a skeleton and set up some contraints and attached it to the mesh ... no problems
I take the model into the modeling room. activate the weight paint brush to fine tunesome bones ... still no problem
After a few strokes with the 3d brush, the brush blows a hole in my mesh ..... THAT IS A PROBLEM.
Solutions anyone?


  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 8,602
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    Might help if you could post a screen shot of the tool's settings.

  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 3,208
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    I agree with EvilProducer,. pics help :)

    It sounds like the strength of the weight painting brush is too strong, ..but you should be able to just "undo" that step, and adjust the strength of the tool, and try again.

    use low strength in the weight painting tool, since it Builds up the weight as you brush.

    The "Trash it, and start again" solution, is to go to the Animation menu and "Detach skeleton", which will remove the weight painting.

    and ultimately,.. wait for C8.5 with genesis support,... if you want to use genesis in Carrara.

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