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Question about special offers

Alpha01Alpha01 Posts: 0
edited April 2013 in Daz Studio Discussion

Sorry about this but I placed an order for...

Genesis Basic Wear for Women
Dynamic Sporty for V5
Effortless V5 Poses

I don't think I got the 50% discount as the total was $27.02

I also have a question about some of the clothes.

The Dynamic Sporty for V5 doesn't adjust well with characters.
I have had this with the Dynamic Sport Time and the Dynamic Fantasy Robe as well .

Is there something I could be doing wrong or missing? as everything else works like a charm.
I cant seem to be able to adjust anything in the parameters as well.


(my mistake on this, I miss read the offer, sorry)

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  • Herald of FireHerald of Fire Posts: 3,449
    edited December 1969

    Dynamic clothing requires draping to fit properly. Unlike conforming clothing, it doesn't automatically follow the contours of the figure and nor does it automatically move when your character does. Instead it's worked out dynamically, as the name implies. This means that it looks more realistic in the long run, but it does require further steps to get right.

    Firstly, right click on one of the side panes and, if it's not there already, add the 'Dynamic Clothing' pane. If you don't have the plugin, this will be a very basic level of control so it might take some time to get good results. Click 'Drape' with the clothing selected and it should automatically calculate the drape and dress the figure. Use the default pose when doing this for best results.

    Advance the frames a little (10 or more recommended) and set the pose you really want on the figure. Then calculate the drape as an animated drape. It will apply the clothing and move fluidly and realistically with the character.

  • Alpha01Alpha01 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Firstly, right click on one of the side panes and, if it's not there already, add the 'Dynamic Clothing' pane.

    That's what I was missing, everything is as you said now.


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