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We Love April Thread

RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,521
edited April 2013 in The Commons

Something I'm surprised no one has done yet for this year was a thread dedicated to an awesome PA we all (should) know and love! Our very own AprilYSH! :cheese:

Let's show her our love in this month of April!

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  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 21,736
    edited December 1969

    ...she's created hairs that work so well with my LeelaChild/Teen character.

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  • SockrateaseSockratease Posts: 813
    edited December 1969

    Here's an April Classic Frizzed Hair used in a sort of Vaughn Bode Tribute.

    But I'm the only one who sees Da Bode in that - it's the thought that counts...

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  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,521
    edited April 2013

    Nice renders! :)

    What!? Are we the ONLY ones that love April? Come on, people! Get in here and show the love! :-)

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  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 4,757
    edited December 1969

    One of my favorites is Devanar hair its very useful for putting under hats

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  • SockrateaseSockratease Posts: 813
    edited December 1969

    Here's a render I post a lot and it makes me wish for inline image linking - this may be the fourth or fifth time I posted this one, but it's a favorite and it uses one of April's best creations : The Featherhawk!

    1024 x 768 - 88K
  • mmalbertmmalbert Posts: 232
    edited December 1969

    Absolutely! She has a lot of hair props that range from practical (especially for the males) to quirky.

    Here's Tuesday Hair (the Lenore Trio), Calais Hair, Gabriel Hair, Evan Hair, and Caleb Hair. I have plenty more, but these were handy.

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