Is it possible to convert a Poser model to Genesis?

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I've seen a lot of posts on using Genesis in Poser. I think that's great and all, but now I have a question that I'm not sure of. Is it possible to convert a Poser model into a Genesis figure? How would you go about doing it?

I'm not new to Daz or 3D, and I don't mind spending money when I have to, but I'd like to know if there is a way to do this --even if it means paying someone else to do it if it's not too expensive. The figure is not a standard figure so the Gen X option isn't available like it might be for some of the older figures, and most of what I've seen online doesn't tell me much about going from Poser to Genesis instead of going from Genesis to Poser.

I mean worse comes to worst, I can export the figure as an Obj, but I'm at a complete loss for what to do once you get it into Daz Studio. Any information you guys can provide would really be appreciated.


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    If it's a complete figure then Edit>Figure>Rigging>Convert Figure to Weight Mapping, and select TriAx as the type, would give you a weight-mapped figure. But you can't turn it into "Genesis" - that's a specific bipedal figure with a specific mesh.

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    If you just want to use the figure in DS4, conventionally rigged Poser items work in DS. Weight-mapped Poser figures (or P8 capsule-rigged figures) would need to be rigged for DS, either as Richard described or using conventional rigging.

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    No. That's not what I had in mind actually. The question came up when I saw some of Joe Quick's Bruisers Thugs and Tough Guys re imagined for Genesis. Those were Morphs for Michael 4 when I saw them on renderosity, if I recall correctly. Granted, that's a Daz figure already, but the question comes to mind about about how people are able to redo older figures and morphs in Genesis --but I can't really find any information on how a modeler can take a figure not necessarily created in Poser and eventually end up with a Genesis morph or Figure. I understand how people do morphs, but what about new figures like Hitomi?

    I guess what I'm after is how can a person take a figure that was say created in Zbrush or Modo and end up with a Genesis compatible figure? Poser was merely the software for which the figure I had in mind was developed when the question first came to mind. It could have just as easily been Zbrush or Lightwave or such. Someone obviously designed the Anubis or the Ogre figures somewhere and . I want to learn the process they used to do it, even if it's just general knowledge.

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    I believe there is some software that will have a mesh shrink wrap to another mesh, I cannot, off hand, remember what does that.

    But mostly, you need to start with Genesis in order to get a Genesis morph.

    You can use M4 and V4 characters on Genesis IF you have: Generation X and M4/V4 shapes for Genesis AND M4/V4 and their morphs. (usally Morphs++)

    Hitomi is not a new figure. It's a morph set for Genesis. Same with Anubis. The Genesis mesh was the mesh that was started with.

    See this video:

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    GenX also supports the third generation figures. In order to transfer morphs you would need a GenX plugin and a shape for Genesis to match the base shape of the figure - the former depends on the developer of GenX (I don't think third-party add-ons are possible) and the latter would require permission from the maker of the original figure. Of course for your own use you could use a modeller with the ability to project a shape from one mesh to another, or with the ability to constrain to another shape using sculpting tools, to make your own morph for Genesis if you had the original figure and morphs and could exort them to OBJ.

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    Load the OBJ of your Poser/ZBrush/whatever figure, load a Genesis if it isn't already in the scene, scale Genesis so that bones roughly match and that Genesis is *all* contained just inside your new figure (actually may work best the other way around); with Genesis selected Edit->Figure->Geometry->Apply Smoothing modifier. Go in Parameters tab and select the Mesh Smoothing option and give it a fiddle. With a little luck Genesis will take the shape of the other figure. Export as OBJ and reimport through Morph Loader Pro.
    Works best if the other figure doesn't have any innards like teeth.

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