Set the Mood-Question about rendiering

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I really love the light/camera set combo of Set the mood. But I'm having a bit of a problem with artifacts. I am simply using the default set 1, and the mood camera when I render. Some scenes are worse than others, but here is an example. Oddly, not all the packages in the set have this problem, but set 1, which I really like is particularly problematic

Can anyone tell me what settings I might try to adjust to prevent this from happening? I am using daz 4.5


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    I'm not sure about image1 (the guy giggling) but the other one has the Deep Shadow Map artifacts. They are caused by the render engine some times and the best fix is to just the set the lighting to Raytraced Shadows.

    EDIT: Just one light set to Deep Shadows can cause the render errors.

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    Oh. I thought just one light set to raytraced shadows could cause the render artifacts to go away. Thanks for clarifying, Jaderail.

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    Thanks for the help. Hmm. This preset only contains two lights, both like Jaderail says were set to Deep Shadow. When I switched to Raytrace, the render became worse and there were odd lines and segments in the render, not to mention it became unearthly slow to render.

    The light set also has SHadow softness and shadow bias on. I switched back to deep shadow map an dlowered Shadow Softness to 50% and the artifacts seem to be going away.

    I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do, however it appears to work.

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    That should not be happening. You might have a Bad Download with just the one set being damaged.

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    For some reason I didn't realize you were using Set 1. I tried Set 2 and it uses shadow mapping on all lights and I see no apparent problems with that. Straight out of the box so to speak....

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    Those deep shadow map artifacts are showing up with the current version of 3Delight that is used by DazStudio.
    Two possibilities: move your camera an itty bitty little bit - that helps sometimes - or change to Raytraced reflections.

    And hope for an updated version of 3Delight ...

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