The Cardinal Lives

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Hello Everyone,

Shaw High School, located in East Cleveland, Ohio has had a cardinal for their mascot since the 20's. So it has been a still picture till now. This animation was made to showcase the many programs offered at Shaw. The students, 11th and 12th graders, did alot of the photoshop work, script writing, voiceovers, research, story boarding, and music. They also helped with designing the cardinals look, personality, and mannerisms. I modeled and animated the Cardinal, scene, lights, and crowd. I also did all the after affects animation. Our composer Melvin Mason composed the score. He also edited the score along with Maria Solomon. Maria was also the producer, as always. Stills and video were shot by the students. The poster was also designed by the students. The final animation was debuted during the end of the year assembly. The teens went wild. Even the teachers couldn't stand still.

547 x 800 - 553K
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    HI Mike :)

    nice work, as always..

    The size limit for the new forums is still not fixed, so it;s 800 x 800 Max.

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    Thanks 3DAGE

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    Eye appeal and attention getting.

    Great work!

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    Thanks DA. That was my main objetive.

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