where is "My Library" folder in Daz3?

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So I trying to add a morph to V4 in Daz3 (not Daz4) and someone said the location was Daz Studio which I went to then content which I went to then My Library. I have a list in my Daz3 content folder of poses, lights, etc etc a long list but there is no file called My Library. So where exactly is it supposed to be?

I'm pretty new to this so where EXACTLY is it supposed to be? also if I can't find that folder to put it in can I put it in somewhere else? thxxx


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    My Library is the new name for the "Content" folder. Opening the folders of the morph and your content folders might give you a clue to where things should go. It is only a case of logically matching up the various folders with the name sake. ;)

    Wat exactly is the structure of the file you have you want to install, from the top until you get to Runtime?

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    and someone said the location was Daz Studio which I went to then content which I went to then My Library.

    "Someone" is wrong, I'm afraid. Since "Content" is the D|S3 default location and "My Library" is the D|S4 default location (unless you're using the DIM with its default) then you should never have a My Library folder inside a Content folder. It must always be one or the other, whichever one you already have. Nested content folders is the best way to ensure Something Nasty™ happens eventually.

    One of the important things to remember about these content locations; there's nothing special about those folder names. They're only the original defaults, if your current system has different names then use these.

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    DS3 is a Content folder DS4 is a My Library folder and DIM is a My DAZ 3D Library folder all by default settings. And NONE of those folders can be NESTED inside another one. Example you can not have Content/My Library.

    You can Have all three of these folders on your Hard Drive and POINT DS4 to all of them in the Directory Prefs. You can not Nest them as stated before and as I have said.

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