Changeing The display mode of your mesh in Bryce 7

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I'm new to Bryce. I just wanted to know if there was way to change the way an object is displayed. ? So I don't half to model in wire frame mode all the time ? An example of this would be making a cube primitive a solid object rather than a wire frame cube. ?

Please write back soon. I really appreciate all the support.

Thanks again


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    Little icon on the right hand set of icons, towards the bottom, changes your display mode. I think it's the little cube (from memory), can't check as I am 95% through a render.

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    I don't know whether I understand your problem. Have you hit the large green round render button yet?

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    This is the control chohole refers to (red arrow). Click on it and it opens the menu shown left of it.

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    Dear Mate:

    Thanks for all your support I. really appreciate it I had a feeling it was to simple fore me to figure out. LOL !! Have a great day, and I'm sure I'll be talking to you again. Your screen shots were very helpful.

    Thanks again bro

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