Testing out new materials - Opinions/Critiques/Comments Wanted

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Hello people,

I've been working on some Human Surface Shader material presets and I'd like to hear what others think. Been working on them for too long so I need an opinion from a fresh pair of eyes.

Default is the default preset that came with the texture/character.

.Light is the preset I use for a very light looking skin

and Tanned is for a more tanned skin. Only the skin settings are different. Everything else is the same.

Btw, I used a hack to fasten render times with transmapped surfaces (hair/eyelashes). Instead of loading the overlay(transparent) texture in the traditional Opacity strength field, I loaded in the RGB values field. Cut down render times from 1,5 minutes to just 55 seconds. This is with one directional light and one UberEnvironment light (Occlusion with directional shadows).

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