How to Hide Selected Bones/Nodes ?

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i'm sure there was a post like this, but i don't want to search 100 Posts for the answer, sorry.

I want to Export the Genesis head only, for that i must hide all Nodes/Bones except for the Head.
Now i have to select all Nodes one by one to hide them, but i'm sure there will be an easier way to select all except one Node and Hide them in one or two clicks ;-) .

Can somebody teach me how?

Question two is i have changed the head by D-Formers, now i would save the head as an Morph(slider) to inject the Morph in Genesis, but morphloader pro tells me that the geometry did not match. o.O

Thanks for help


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    Right-click on Genesis, Expand All, then use the click on the start/shift-click on the end method to seelct a range of bones and turn their visibility off through the Parameters pane. Since you are discussing morphs later I should point outt hat you don't export part of the mesh for morph creation with Genesis - you have to work with the whole thing, though you need change only the areas you want changed.

    To save a morph, File>Save as>Support Asset>Moprh Asset. Once saved the morph will load with Genesis, no need to inject it.

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    Thank you for the answer, i found the post for creating partial Morphs, so i can read it now. The first question is now answered too, so i try it out now, thanks again ;-)

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